Public Diplomacy

Summer 2009 Issue of PD Magazine is available

PD-sum-09 The Summer 2009 issue of PD Magazine, a publication of the Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars at USC, is out. Titled “Middle Power. Who They Are. What They Want” it is filled with many articles worth your time.

The Public Diplomacy of Middle Powers / by Eytan Gilboa

Middle Powers: Squeezed Out or Adaptive? / by Andrew Cooper

A New Architecture for Canadian Public Diplomacy / by Evan Potter

Public Diplomacy – the Next 100 Days / by Richard Lugar

U.S. Public Diplomacy 2.0 / by Jeremy Curtin

New Developments in Public Diplomacy / by PD Contributors

Middle Powers and Conceptual Leadership / by Jorge Heine

World Cup 2010 / by Jeanette Ndhlovu

Iran as a Middle Power / by Anoush Ehteshami

Mexican Public Diplomacy / by Pamela Starr

Korea’s Emotional Diplomacy / by David Kang

Finland: Paying Back its Debt and Conducting Public Diplomacy / by Petri Tuomi-Nikula & René Söderman

The Symbiosis of Sweden & IKEA / by Olle Wastberg

NATO Campaigns Washington / by James Snyder

At Post: Suat Kınıklıoğlu / by Suat Kiniklioğlu

Creating Images of Australia / by Chris De Cure

Leveraging Soft Power Currency Against Hard Power Weapons / by James Wurst

JENNIFER M. BRINKERHOFF: Digital Diasporas / by Erin Kamler

WANGARI MAATHAI: The Challenge for Africa / by Kenya Davis-Hayes

Nation “Branding”: Propaganda or Statecraft? / by Simon Anholt