Assistant Secretary for Education and Cultural Affairs

According to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations website, the confirmation hearing for Judith Ann Stock to be Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs will be held Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Testimony will be here (PDF) but it is not yet available (and likely getting polished). (Hat tip to Mark Overmann of the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange.)

Still no word on a nominee for Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP). Unlike the ECA job, Judith McHale, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, will get to choose this person. IIP is currently headed by an Acting Coordinator, a very capable retired FSO who just started a six month (maximum) contract. He took over early this month from the previous coordinator, who after retiring as Coordinator mid-2009, opted against renewing his post-retirement six month contract in December.

Perhaps Judith, confirmed in May, wanted to finish her public diplomacy strategy that was briefed to staff Thursday after a long development and a very close hold. The Secretary apparently signed off earlier this month.