Follow up on Marketing a course: which title is better?

Thanks to those who offered suggestions on renaming my course “Understanding and Engaging Now Media”. Right now there are six comments on the original request for comment and more than double that in my inbox. Some of you asked about the target audience for this class. It has been my intention to target US Government and those that work the Government, particularly those who work for State and Defense (i.e. consultants). However, due to a combination of which community is interested in the subject and that the host for the class focuses on the military use of information, the students have and continue to come primarily from DOD and its contractors. Several folks from State were to attend last year but they were ultimately unable to attend.

My current personal favorite for the military audience is “Information as Power: ‘Now Media’ and the Struggle for Minds and Wills”.  For the civilian audience, I like “The Rise of the ‘Now Media’ and its effect on Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs”. Feel free to comment on either.

(I’ll have to look if I posted it, but I did write a short essay on why I use this phrase and why not “winning hearts and minds”. The real short version is struggle=enduring & no clear victory, wills=action, hearts=popularity of us versus them.)