South Korea’s psychological warfare on North Korea

Since May 20, 2010, South Korea has consistently made international headlines by formally accusing North Korea of sinking one of its warships in March, killing 46 South Korean sailors, and announcing major economic decisions to punish the North.

Perhaps more interesting is South Korea’s psychological warfare against North Korea.

According to the AP in a May 25 article, the psychological campaign appears to be two-fold: propaganda and military exercises. South Korea’s psychological efforts, which started on May 24, involve traditional propaganda, including radio broadcasts using loudspeakers along the demilitarized zone, dropping leaflets to inform citizens about the warship sinking, and more. Rattling even more sabers, the U.S. announced it would team up with South Korea to hold combined military exercises in a display of force to deter future North Korean aggression.

Predictably, the North is escalating its war rhetoric and threatening combat while regional leaders, including Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Chinese State Counselor Dai Bingguo, are voicing their thoughts with the U.S. and South Korea on the issue.

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