Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy “Quotables” and “Seen on the Web” (#50)

January 24, 2017
Quotable 533-537, Seen on the Web 963-1091, compiled by Donald Bishop, Bren Chair of Strategic Communications, Marine Corps University.

This newsletter provides a compilation of news, articles, essays, and reports of interest to practitioners and scholars of strategic communications, Public Diplomacy, public affairs, U.S. government international broadcasting, and information operations.  “Quotables” are gists of articles and reports available on the website of the Public Diplomacy Council.  “Seen on the Web” entries provide key quotes and links. They:

  • bring to busy overseas practitioners some of the academic and policy ferment in Public Diplomacy and related fields.
  • from long speeches, testimonies, and articles, flag the portions that bear on Public Diplomacy.
  • provide a window on armed forces thinking on the fields that neighbor Public Diplomacy–military public affairs, strategic communication, information operations, inform-influence-engage, and cultural learning, for instance.
  • introduce the long history of Public Diplomacy by citing some of the older books, articles, reports, and documents that are not available on the internet.  These are labeled “Classic Quotables.”

Download Don Bishop’s Quotables No 50.