2 thoughts on “A World without America wouldn’t start a Terror-Free Oil Initiative

  1. The terror-free oil thing looks to me like it has the potential to be a very effective populist campaign. It would be nice if it led to some concrete development of alternate fuels. But it’s more likely that it’ll just feed into the anti-Arab backlash that sunk the Dubai ports deal without addressing the roots of American oil dependency.

  2. I personally found that video “World Without America” as pretty offensive. That’s all we need is some very thinly veiled propaganda that says “drop down on your knees and give thanks that the Big Bad USA is around.” It’s just too much of a lightnening pole to attract people to discuss all the bad, misguided things the US govt has done also. As though we needed the British version of the Faux No-News Channel to “help” our image…

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